Dinner and Presentation by Olympic Silver Medalist


US Figure Skating Association Supports Glacier Skate Academy in Effort to Inspire Young Skaters



Glacier Skate Academy will be hosting its sixth winter seminar January 26th and 27th, and for the first time is expanding the program to include its beginning skaters.  The seminar is a 2-day skating workshop that focuses on technical skills, creative presentation and fitness.   Until now, only higher-level skaters have been eligible to participate.  This year however, Glacier Skate Academy was awarded a $2000 grant from the United States Figure Skating Association in Colorado Springs to offset seminar expenses for skaters age 5 and older who have completed Basic 1 or higher level of Learn to Skate USA, with a goal of inspiring young skaters to continue beyond Learn to Skate USA.  


“With the Winter Olympics approaching, we know that figure skating is a popular event to watch and to try,” said Glacier Skate Academy President Jennifer Burrough.  “It is a fun, life-long sport that teaches dedication, resilience and confidence.”


The skate academy is offering the 3-hour afternoon workshop on Saturday January 27th for these beginning skaters.  The guest coach for the seminar will be Paul Wylie, the Olympic Silver Medalist in 1992.  The schedule includes acting class with Luke Walrath of Alpine Theatre Project, dance class with Amy Arriaga of Dance Elements and on-ice skating instruction with Wylie and Glacier Skate Academy coaches. 


The registration fee is $50 for the Learn to Skate athletes and includes all classes, an athlete t-shirt, autographs with Paul Wylie, and dinner for athlete and one parent at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake immediately following the classes. Wylie will be giving a presentation about his career in skating after the meal. 


Additional dinner tickets can be purchased online for $15/person. 


For more information, schedule or to register online, visit glacierskateacademy.org  

Questions? 608-206-2239 or glacierskate@gmail.com