Salt Lake figure skating-4.png

Winter Wonderland on Ice
DECEMBER 17, 2022
DECEMBER 18, 2022
Registration Deadline: October 6, 2022

WHY: Why not? Do you love to skate? If you do, that's all that matters! :) 

WHERE: Stumptown Ice Den, Whitefish, MT

HOW: Director Kimmi Jeffers and Assistant Show Director Elyse Knudsen will create this year's show. We are so excited to get started! Make sure to check your email for all the details. :)



WHO: GSA CLUB SKATERS, JUNIOR CLUB, STAR SKATERS! This is a special time of year to perform with your friends under spotlights and show off your hard-earned skating skills in front of your friends and family. (Learn-to-Skate Fall Session 3 will even get to do a fun, simple group number!)

WHAT: Glacier Skate Academy is having its annual holiday show! And it is always so much fun! Let's get this party started. 

WHEN: Saturday, December 17th, we have two shows, and Sunday, December 18th, we have one show. But much rehearsal time and hard work happen before show days!