-Does my skater need his/her own skates?

    Rental skates are included in your fee, so we got you covered!

-How do I know what level to put my skater in?

     When you register our registration program will automatically put your skater in the correct class for their age and level as well as guide you to who your skater's coaches are and even track your skater's progress.

-Why can't I see anything about Learn-to-Skate when I try to log in through the "parent portal"?
We are no longer using Jackrabbit for LTS registration. To access your account, please log in to your GoLeevo account to check class times and attendance records, track your skater's progress, see who your coach is, and know what level your skater is in or what level to sign them up for next. 


-Can I do lessons on both Tuesdays & Thursdays?

     Yes! We offer a 10% discount for the second day of lessons.


-Do you offer a sibling discount?

     Yes we offer a 10% discount for siblings.


-Should my skater wear a helmet?

    We strongly recommend all new skaters wear a helmet. Bike or ski helmets are perfect. 


-My kid wants to play hockey where do I start?

     You start with us! Our curriculum is endorsed by USA Hockey. All new skaters will begin in either Snowplow Sam or Basic 1, depending on age. Once they have passed Basic 2 they are welcome to join our Hockey 1-4 classes we offer throughout the summer and fall. We do recommend that all new hockey players start out in rental figure skates. Our objective is not to make your budding hockey player a figure skater, but to make your hockey player a confident skater. Hockey skates have a large rocker that tends to make young skaters a weeble that wobbles and always falls down. Once your skater is moving confidently we will transition she/he to those hockey skates.


-What should my skater wear on the ice?

     We recommend that all skaters dress in warm layers, snow pants are encouraged for our youngest skaters as they are on the ice a lot. All skaters should also wear gloves or mittens as their hands get cold fast. We do not recommend knee pads as the plastic tends to slip when the skater is trying to stand up.


-We have skates with double runner blades, can we use them?

     We do not allow double runner blades as they are impossible to sharpen which makes the blade as useful as the backside of a butter knife. Don't worry, we will have your skater up and moving quickly.

-My skater is super athletic and I think she/he will be bored in the beginner level, can I move them up right away?

     Unfortunately no. Every skater will start day one in the introductory class for their age. If your skater is moving with great confidence and is significantly stronger than the class we will move them up right away.


Please refer to the Learn-to-Skate Resource page for more detailed information.