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Glacier Skate Academy is pleased to announce our 2017 summer ice show. This is a unique opportunity for amateur skaters to be introduced to the world of professional figure skating. Professional lighting, custom made costumes, and professional standard choreography;
Become a Glacier Skate Ice Cast member!
Skaters who sign up for the show performance package must be enrolled in our summer training camp. Show rehearsals will take place each day of camp with two performances on Saturday at 5:00 & 7:00pm.


Week #9: August 21 - 26

Sanctioned by

Program Specifics

  • Coaching and Choreography 
  • Professional costumes included
  • ​Props and Spot Light training
  • 2 Performances w/ professional lighting system
  • Perform in front of 200 - 500 guests that attend
​Rehearsal Schedule:
  • Daily rehearsal Monday - Friday 
Show Skater Requirments
  • Skaters must have passed the Preliminary Freeskate test, or Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field Test, or to be able to land a single axel jump when asked.
  • Must attend all rehearsal times.
  • Skaters who do not meet the requirements for a senior cast member still have an opportunity to perform in the show as a Junior Show member. Junior members need to have passed the US Preliminary Moves in the Field Test or equivalent and be landing a single lutz jump. 
Show Fee Cost:
  • Senior Cast Member$185.00 (Includes 1 on-ice seat for each show time)
  • Junior Cast Member $155.00 (Includes 1 on-ice seat for each show time)

Summer Camp Brochure

Additional Requirments
The following are required items all performers must bring:
Female Skaters
- Nude colored tights (no runs or holes) that fit over the boot. 
- Nude (flesh) colored Leotard (straps please, no sleeves) 
- Colored bra (if necessary)

Male Skaters
- Black or any colored skating pants
- White tank (simple Hanes cotton brand for example)
- White Mens Dress Shirt
- Black Mens Dress Shirt (can have thin stripes or pattern but should be mostly black)

Interested in becoming a professional skater?

Glacier Skate’s summer ice show series will help get you started. Chad Goodwin worked with Bietak Productions for seven years and with this experience got the opportunity to travel the world and perform for thousands of spectators. You don't stop learning and improving working with Bietak and they have provide a great experience for so many figure skaters. Other coaches and skaters that have worked with Bietak include Jeff Langdon, David Schultz, Vicki Schultz, Sean Wirtz and Maciej Cieplucha.


Bietak Productions has produced skating spectaculars as The Ice Capades, Le Ice Show, Broadway on Ice, Holiday on Ie, Festival on Ice, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ice Shows and more.  They’re an amazing company to work for if you are interested in touring as a professional skater.

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