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Specialized Features

Through a variety of programs intended to develop skating skills, from basic skills to the world-class competitor, the Glacier Skate Academy offers skaters the ability to take their talent to the next level. Glacier Skate offers a multi-disciplinary approach to training, recognizing that technical training, showmanship, body awareness and physical endurance are all important to the development of a competitive skater.

Pole Harness


A  jumping harnesses can be a beneficial tool can when athletes are learning advanced double and triple jumps. The coach is able to direct the takeoff curve, keep the skater straight in the air, and guide the skater’s position upon landing. Downtime due to injury can be minimized. The use of a pole harness helps to increase confidence in a skater who is fearful of attempting new and difficult jumps.

Cross-Rink Harness

This system is used to help figure skaters build confidence as they start to learn new figure skating maneuvers, jumps, tricks and lifts. As the figure skater’s confidence grows, their reliance on the jump training harness lessens. The dual-rotational jump training harness will significantly reduce learning times for new jumps and help skaters to perform more proficiently in a shorter period of time. The full adjustability of the jump training system allows it to be used with multiple ages, skater sizes, ability levels and coaches.

Off-Ice Jump Harness


The off-ice system is designed for training skaters on the floor. It is best used to teach skaters rotation position and jumping technique while they are wearing running shoes.  Skaters learn to rotate doubles, triples fast and on axis with suspension training. Quickness is the essential skill required for difficult jumps and this system acquaints the skater with the feel of each jump before taking it to the ice.

Movement Class​


Movement classes teach the importance of posture, technique and fluidity. In addition to traditional ballet instruction, this class will help the skater master the various body positions, rotation and flexibility that are unique to figure skating.  It also incorporates targeted strength training, especially for ankles and feet.  Skaters will learn body movement and style for many genres of music including hip-hop, musical theatre and jazz.  They will gain self-confidence as well as body awareness.

Acting Seminar


Former Broadway actor, Luke Walrath teaches the skaters that they are not only athletes, but artists and performers as well.  Walrath’s workshops entail fun acting exercises and improvisational techniques to help the skaters interpret music and convey emotion through their body carriage and movement.  He emphasizes the importance of confident presentation in each skater and challenges them to have a “big” presence on the ice.

Ice Show Training and Performance


Experience skate show training at its finest. Our choreography expertise, on-and off-ice training tools and state of the art Electronic Theatre Control lighting system equipped with LED lighting and two follow spots, will give skaters a taste of professional show skating.  Daily weekday rehearsals will lead up to the Saturday night show.​

Power Skating

As in many sports, natural ability can only take an athlete so far. Unlike football, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball, where running is a major part of the game, hockey requires that the athlete be able to skate prior to playing. Most athletes can already run when they first start playing a field sport. In ice hockey, the player must first, be able to skate, and then become proficient enough that skating is second nature, just like running. Skating is a huge part in today’s competitive game and yet remains the most neglected factor in hockey fundamentals. Many players fail to realize their full skating potential due to their inability to obtain maximum power from each skating movement. Our Power Skate Program will take you strength to the next level.

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