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Membership Benefits July 1st 2024 - June 30th 2025

Membership with GSA includes membership to US Figure Skating and provides you with the ability to:

  • Test at U.S. Figure Skating sponsored test sessions

  • Compete at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events

  • Participate in U.S. Figure Skating qualifying events

  • Represent Glacier Skate Academy at local, regional, sectional, and national events

  • Participate in GSA exhibitions and ice shows

  • Participate in GSA club parties, volunteer opportunities, and events


In addition, you will: 

  • Receive an annual subscription to Skating Magazine from US Figure Skating (one per household)

  • Receive newsletters and other communications from GSA

  • Have Voting Rights at the GSA General Membership Meeting.*

  • Have access to Club Ice.


* = Voting Rights for Board Members to be explained and introduced this upcoming year


Membership Types


Full Member (Adult 18 and over)*

  • This class of membership is also for non-skaters who wish to participate in the club with all rights and benefits. All benefits and privileges, including club ice. 

  • Price: $150 annually 


Full Club/Jr Club Member (under 18)

  • Requires that at least one parent also register as a Parent Partner; All benefits and privileges, including club ice.

  • Price: $150 annually 


Subsequent Club Family Member

  • If you have two or more members of your family who would like to be Full members of the Club, this level is for you. After the initial member pays the Full Member fees (either over/under 18 years of age), each additional member can join at a reduced rate.

  • Price: $80

Introductory/1st Year

  • This membership is a one-time, one-membership year only for first-time for skaters who have never been a member of U.S. Figure Skating (usually those skaters moving up from Star to Junior Club).

  • Price: $50


Introductory Guardian

  • This is for parents of Introductory Members, those skaters moving up from Star to Jr Club. Required for at least one parent.

  • SafeSport background check required

  • Annual volunteer time requirement: 5 hours

  • Price: Free



  • This membership level is for those individuals who may be full members of another club but also wish to support the Mission of Glacier Skate Academy.

  • Price: $80-includes club ice


Parent Partner Volunteer

  • Required for at least one parent of skaters under 18

  • Annual volunteer time requirement: 10 hours

  • Price: FREE


Parent Partner Membership*

  • Can participate in test sessions and USFS sanctioned competitions

  • Eligible to apply for the Skater Recognition program

  • Voting rights for club board positions

  • Eligible for board member position 

  • SafeSport background check required

  • Annual volunteer time requirement: 5 hours

  • Price: $40 annually

Please login to Entryeeze and click on the apply/renew tab to renew, sign all club policies, and register for this year.  See steps below on how to renew your membership.

How to Become a Member

  • Membership applications and renewals are accepted from June 1st through March 31st.

  • Applications are not accepted after March 31st for the membership year ending June 30th.

  • GSA does not pro-rate any membership types.

  • Club transfers are accepted, at no cost, year round.


All memberships will be processed through EntryEeze. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our Club as soon as possible.


New Members

  • Go to EntryEeze

  • Click on "Apply For Membership"

  • If you are the first and only member of your family to join GSA, click on "Create a new family account." If another member of your family already has an account with GSA, click on "Login to existing family account".

  • Fill out the information.


Existing Members

  • Go to EntryEeze

  • Click on "Access My Account"

  • Enter your GSA EntryEeze email address and password.

  • Fill out the information.

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